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Yes we are. Now although we are, there has been a major global disruption in courier services and although our orders are shipped across the country within 2 to 5 days depending on your state, we have been seeing deliveries take as long as 10 days for certain outlying locations.

Our consumable pouch film is manufactured from food grade PVOH polymer. The film and our edible inks are non toxic, have no odor, leave no after taste and will not affect the taste of your coffee in any way.

Yes, our pouch films are approved GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) for consumption. *WARNING* Please be advised that our dissolving pouches are NOT suitable for Women that are Pregnant, Women that are Lactating, and Young Children.

Contrary to what most believe. silica gel packets are non toxic, they are safe, and commonly used to eliminate or reduce moisture in dry powders such as our coffee. Moisture is BAD for our pouches!!! With that said, we have placed a silica gel packet behind the mesh netting of our fuel kit to prevent moisture build up when our pouches are in a relatively humid environment, used outdoors, in transport or in warehouse storage. Recommendations 1. Please adhere to safety instructions on the silica gel packets. 2. Removing the silica gel packet from the fuel kit is always your choice, but if you opt to remove it, all we ask is that you repurpose it and do not dispose of it in your waste bin. There are numerous great uses for these packets, which we will address in our upcoming blog. 3. If you are going to continue to use the silica gel packet in your fuel kit or with your pouches, please keep the packet from direct contact with the dissolving pouches.

It is recommended that you store your pouches at room temperature (between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit or between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius). To preserve the integrity of the pouches, we also recommend that you do not store them longer than 7 days in air tight containers. Pouches should NOT be stored in a refrigerator, freezer, your automotive vehicle, or in any environment where there is a build up of condensation, moisture or humidity. If you intend to store them in your backpack while out adventuring, that is absolutely fine. We do however recommend that you do not leave the pouches in your backpack for an extended period of time or inside your backpack should it contain humid, damp or wet items or clothing.

Although we recommend that you do not store your pouches in an air tight container, this applies to when they are stored indoors. If you are going to be taking your pouches with you to the great outdoors, and you are going to be in a temperature that is humid, damp, wet or cold, we strongly recommend that you store your pouches in an airtight container so that the pouches do not come into contact with water or moisture.

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