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At STIRZ we have put together an Affiliate Program for anyone interested in earning extra income by promoting and sharing our innovative zero waste dissolving coffee pouches to individuals in the USA (**). 

Our program is not only free to join, there are absolutely no buy-ins or obligations when you become an Affiliate, just register, get your personal affiliate link, and start sharing.

What's in it for you?

As an affiliate you will earn a 10% commission on every direct sale that is completed by someone using your link. But it doesn't stop there!

We have a multi tiered model which allows you to earn even more when those that used your link sign up as affiliates and sell to others, and so on for 3 more tiers.

What does that look like or mean?

Here is an example (Based on our Warrior Level I – 10% Commission) based on a $100 order you sold to Jennifer.

Your commission will be based on your affiliate level. (Warrior, Adventurer, Explorer, Pioneer, or Legend). All Affiliates start at Warrior Level I.

Total Commissions earned on 3 tier extension of Jennifer
via sub-affiliates = $20.00 

    • You sell to Jennifer $100.00 worth of products and you will earn 10% or $10.00 of the total sale (*)

    • Jennifer becomes an affiliate and Marcus buys $100.00 worth of products using Jennifer's link and you will earn 5% or $5.00 of the total sale (*)

    • Marcus becomes an affiliate and Danielle buys $100.00 worth of product using Marcus's link and you will earn 3% or $3.00 of the total sale (*)

    • Danielle becomes an affiliate and John buys $100.00 worth of products using Danielle's link and you will earn 2% or $2.00 of the total sale (*)

    That's an EXTRA $10.00 earned by those indirectly connected sub-affiliates that did the work promoting our amazing products.

    So what are you waiting for? Click below and get started!

    (*)  Commissions are excluded from freight charges and any taxes
    (**) Our dissolving pouches are currently only available for purchase in the United Stated of America.