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The Chelsea Achievement  Nobody is Talking About

The Chelsea Achievement Nobody is Talking About

The Champions League was first formed in 1992 replacing the old European Cup format, the most prestigious competition in Club Football, has arguably provided us with a many a great Footballing memory over the near Three decades.

There is one however that almost nobody seems to be talking about, which got us at STIRZ Brands thinking. It has been hard to ignore the fact that Chelsea qualified for this year’s renewal of The Champions League Final beating Real Madrid 2-0 at Stamford Bridge last night and will face off against Premier League rivals Manchester City in Istanbul, although there is much debate as to whether two English teams should needlessly travel to the other side of the continent, given the current global circumstances.

This will be the second time Chelsea have qualified for the final in as many weeks, confused? We do not blame you, because whilst Chelsea FC’s Men, led by Thomas Tuchel secured passage rather routinely against a European Super Team (too soon?), Chelsea Women stunned Bayern Munich in a 4-1 demolition, to qualify 5-3 on aggregate.

It means that Chelsea FC as a whole organisation is the first ever to be represented in both the Men’s and Women’s Champions League Final in the same season, facing Manchester City and Barcelona Women, respectively.

Whilst the column inches, Social Media publishers and TV Media have been quick to praise Tuchel and the turnaround in form he has inspired in the Men’s team, Emma Hayes got barely a mention Monday Morning as the mastermind behind Chelsea Women success, as she consistently has been in her near Ten Years at the helm.

To put Emma Hayes feat into perspective, Chelsea Women are the first English Ladies side to reach The Champions League Final since 2006/07 season when Arsenal Ladies emulated their Male counterparts’ achievement just 12 months earlier.

Hayes will also become the first Female Coach to reach the final of The Women’s Champions League in 12 Years, that is right 11 different finals, involving seven different teams, every single one of which had a Male Coach.

This despite 7 out of 10 of the top National Sides in Women’s Football all being managed by Women, including World Cup and Olympic Gold Medallist, the European Club game, however, is still very much dominated by Male Coaches.

We at STIRZ Brands do not wish to discredit Thomas Tuchels’ achievement, far from it, but as a brand that champions diversity and inclusion, we feel it is our responsibility to elevate Emma Hayes into the same conversation.

This is a Woman who stood on the steps of Wembley and lifted The FA Cup whilst 9 Months Pregnant, for nearly a decade she has led Chelsea to 145 Victories from 214 games, that is a win percentage of nearly 70%, in the same period Chelsea Men have cycled through 10 different managers in as many years.

Under Emma’s managerial hand, Chelsea Women have won 3 Super Leagues (soon to be 4) 2 FA Cups and 2 League Cups and whilst these achievements have all been recognised at the time, STIRZ Brands believe Her impact, not just on Chelsea but the Women’s game as whole should not go understated.

Emma Hayes, Magdalena Eriksson, Fran Kirby, Milly Bright, Ji So-Yun and co. We salute you and wish you all the best of luck in Gothenburg come May 16th

Thomas Tuchel, Azpilicuta, Mason Mount, Timo Werner we wish you well too wherever they decide to play the final just 4 days later, the opportunity to cement both sides of Chelsea FC into the history books await.

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